ForcastingCatalog does not contain a defination for 'ForcastBySsa' and no accessble extention method accepting

Question: I am working on a Machine Learning TimeSeries Prediction Engine and tried to use the SSA Machine Learning Algorithm to make a Sales Prediction. When using this algorithm am encountered with an error that says "ForcastingCatalog does not contain a definition for 'ForcastBySsa' and no accessible extension method accepting". Any idea on how to solve it? I have checked my Nuget Packages and I can verify that I have ML.Net version 1.6.0, why the TimeSeries NameSpace is not included in the ML.Net Package?

Solution: Install the Microsoft.ML.TimeSeries Package from Nuget Package, the TimeSeries Namespace is not included in the overall ML.Net package.
Install Microsoft ML TimeSeries Package

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