Get Rid Of Black Blinking Cursor MSSMS

Get Rid Of Black Blinking Cursor MSSMS

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Question: How do you remove a Blinking Cursor in SQL Server Query Working Space? I accidentally hit a keyboard key and don't know what to do.


Solution: The answer is simple, at some point when you were working you accidentally hit an "Ins" (short for Insert) key on your Keyboard. The Ins key on your computer Keyboard has another marking as "SysRq" when you find this key, press it again.

If you have a blinking big black cursor showing in Microsoft SQL Server Studio, just press the "Insert" button on your keyboard. 

- If the solution above does not help you, make sure that you have clicked in the Working Area or next to the SQL Query so that the Query Tab is highlighted or activated then try again pressing the "Ins" keypad on your Computer Keyboard.

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