RTscan Barcode Scanner not capturing Input (IoT)

Question: Why is my RT Scan Barcode Scanner (IOT) not capturing QR code or Barcode?

Answer: If the RT Scan (Barcode Scanner) is not capturing any input but indicate that it is scanning then check the Interface Configuration. There is a chance that you have configured the Device using a wrong Interface example, RS232 or HID-POS (Point of Sale) that needs drivers to be installed on your computer in order to communicate with the Device.

- If you want to use the Barcode Scanner without Drivers installed on your Computer then configure the Barcode Scanner as a USB HID-KBW device this way it will be treated as a Keyboard and everytime you scan a Barcode it will be read immidietly. Remeber, this requires the input to be read into a Text Box or a document where there is a active Cursor, otherwise you won't see any input or value getting read from the Device.

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