[Solved] Visual Studio is Failing to Build

Questions: When building an application in Visual Studio, the Build does not complete. Visual Studio is stuck on Building.

Answer: When Visual Studio does not complete building the Application, sometimes it won't give you any errors. This is due to the Application having more than one csproj.user file. In order to remove one file so that you only have one csproj.user, look at the dates the files were created then delete the old one.

  1. the Best way to see errors after Failed Build is to Build with Dot Net CLI
         - Open your Console or Powershell or Windows Terminal
         - cd into the Project Folder and run dotnet build
          - this will show you the errors of why the Build Failed. Visual Studio won't show you the errors.
    [NB] MSBUILD: error MSB1011: Specify which project or solution file to use because this folder contains more than one project or solution file.
  2. A quick fix to this problem is Restarting Visual Studio and then loading all the projects you need to build

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