[Maintain Health] Food for Software Developers

  1. These notes are based on my own findings, they are not official advice. Please consult your Doctor.

    [6/23/21] Currently reading a book called "How Not To Die" by Micheal Greger

    - This book is an interesting read. 

    - Add MCT Oil to your coffee every morning this will increase your brainpower to solve problems.

    1. If possible go Vegan or at least eat foods that breathe. Natural foods, whole foods, plant-based always make the body feel good.

    (This might not be good for everyone, make sure you know your allergies and what kind of foods to stay away from)

    2. Mix protein (20g) with a lot of vegetables (Baby Spinach), Extra Organic Olive oil (good oil, not cone oil. Finding good Extra Virgin Oil that works for you is a journey. Make sure you invest your time in finding what works for your diet ).

    3. Eat pounded pumpkin seeds or nuts, avocado, and fruits, and other superfoods.
    4. Drink a lot of water and make sure you are rehydrated. In addition, make sure you rest, take naps and relaxing, meditating.
    5. Drink coffee only when needed or when deploying important files to the production environment, this will help you focus because if you drink coffee every day, you won't feel any effects. 

    [Important] Notes for Myself

  2. I noticed when I stayed out of Carbs that don't come from Vegetables, my brain felt clear and I was able to concentrate on Programming more.

    - Stay out of eating Carbs from Bread, Cone Meal, and other starch-like foods. To me, I feel like these foods cause inflammation in blood vessels causing headaches. Pay attention to how you feel when you eat certain foods, come up with a list like this to keep track of foods that make you feel better.

  3. I noticed that when I eat fresh green baby Spinach at dinner time, I fell asleep easily. It felt as if you drank honey tea or natural Sleeping Tea. My guess is that it makes you sleepy promoting good health.

  4. Just found out that cooking with Extra virgin oil is good for your health while reading the Genius Foods book.

  5. If you wake up groggy in the morning,

    - After eating a good meal (mainly vegetables, a lot of vegetables with fiber-like brass sprouts, cabbage) then drink 1 tablet of Zink and 1 tablet of Magnesium, waking up in the morning full of energy ready to tackle problems.

    [You Can Request to Add to this List, what do you find healthy in your lifestyle? what works for you? do you want others to try?]

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