How to Run DotNet Core 3.0 in Watch Mode without installing any extensions

Run DotNet Core 3.0 in Watch Mode without installing any extensions

- Considering that you are using Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 or earlier: 
1. Go to Properties (located under project name)
2. Click on launchSettings.json
3. Paste the following code


"Watch": {
            "executablePath": "C:\\Program Files\\dotnet\\dotnet.exe",
            "commandLineArgs": "watch run",
            "workingDirectory": "$(ProjectDir)",
            "launchBrowser": true,
            "launchUrl": "http://localhost:5000",
            "environmentVariables": {
                "ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT": "Development"

4. Switch your project to build from the Watch profile
5. Build your solution (this will create a folder called "Watch" and then creat a build debug folder inside the Watch folder. Everytime you run dotnet watch run, the command will run from this build folder)
5. After building your solution, run the project from either a console or Visual Studio "Play" button.

Test and Verify the "dotnet watch run" works

6. After the application has started running, attempt to change the code and see the change reflect in the output (could be a browser).

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