Bootstrap 4 and Boostrap 5 Cards of same height in columns

1. How to Create Bootstrap 4 Cards with Same Height regardless of Content

Bootstrap 4: Today I found out that using Cards without wrapping them in Container-Fluid will expand their heights. This problem can be resolved by first creating a div with a class of container-fluid then creating another div with a class of card. This way the height of a card is constrained in a container and it will respect other elements in the same container.


2. How to Center/Position a Div Element in the Middle of another Div in Bootstrap 4 

[NB] If you want align a div in the middle of a row or another div, add class="align-self-center" to the outer div containing the content you want to display in the middle of the div or a row. See the code below:

<div class="row border">
<!--You want to align the image in the middle of the div-->
<div class="col-12 align-self-center">
<img class="img-fluid" src=".." />

3. Hiding a Div in Bootstrap 5 is easy, you can utilize the d-none d-lg-block to show the div on large screens.

4. The other way to achieve same height of a card is by giving a card height, for example, card h-100, bootstrap has a utility class of h-100.

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Jessica said:

Thank you @Jack.

Jack said:

I had a similar experience when I needed to hide elements on small screen and show them on a large screen. In bootstrap seemed to be a little bit tricky, I resolved it by adding "d-none d-lg-block" and for the small screen "d-none d-sm-block" and it worked.

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