Google SEO Ranking How to Rank in Google

How to Rank in Google SEO Plan


  1. Your home page is important, it is your landing page. Make sure links are connected to all pages. It's about the links and how you layout the navigation.
    - Make sure proper meta tags are implemented on every page. Google tries to understand what the page is all about
    - Page title ( short with keywords)
    - Page headings that convey the subject of a page
    - Use text instead of images
  2. Ranking
    - When the user types a word or query in Google Search, Google tries to find the most relevant answers from it's Index Database based on many factors
        - User's location, - Language - Device
    - Improve Ranking
        - Make your pages faster to load, and mobile-friendly
        - Put useful content on your page and keep it up to date

    [NB] Strive for making users experience better, SEO algorithms are always changing so don't let anyone promise you to rank first. When trying to optimize for users, keep in mind that one of your important users is Search Engines, they have to understand what your website and pages are all about before they recommend your content
  3. Optimize Content
    - Users sure know when they see good content, there is no lie about it. Make sure your content is gold and there is value to it. That is the only secret ingredient for providing useful information to users. When Google sees that, they will promote your page.
    - Create useful content that no other website has
    - Write easy to read a text, evaluate what
              - colors you use 
              - Bullet points
              - Include questions and Answers in your blog
              - Write it as if you were writing it for yourself to refer to it later on
             - Spell Check, Google users Machine Learning to evaluate which content is used and it takes into account spellings.
             - Strive to build trust with Users
             - Include who is responsible for the content because users would like to know where the content is coming from.

  4. Choosing a Page title that has no relation to the content on the page
    - Keyword in a title must or should appear within a first paragraph of the content
    - Create unique titles for every page to illustrate canonical URL integrity
    - Accurately summarize the content in the meta description (Remember, summerize for User)
    - When creating a meta description, include bold words as well to show the importance of the keyword.

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