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Bootstrap Card Header not sticking to the top


When you use Bootstrap 4 Card with Header and Footer, make sure you include Card Body or else, the Header and the footer won't align to their respective positions.
div class="card"
div class="card-header"
div class="card-body
div class="card-footer
Remember to close your divs and test your code

[NB] If you want to align the div column to the bottom of the parent div using bootstrap4 follow the instruction below:
1. Make the parent div display flex, specify flex-column, then specify justify-content-between this will push all items inside the parent div to the position at the start and end of the parent div.

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Erin said:

If you want to apply the same effect to any div, for example, you want the column to not expand but to wrap content, I found what works:<br/> Just remove "col" to the div, the browser will still respect the div as a container, unlike when you apply "col" to the div, "col" comes with its own bootstrap specification e.g. padding margins, etc. This can work in a scenario when you want a div to stick to the bottom like self-align-baseline, use d-flex and align-items-end. This will align the div itself the base of the parent column. More to read on the link:

Posted On: March 02, 2020 21:05:41 PM

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