GitKraken Error Applying Stash could not open directory Access is denied

Git Kraken Error: Error Applying Stash: could not open directory  Access is denied.

This error comes about when you try to CheckOut or try to pop the Stash after you successfully checkout to another branch. Another reason why this error might happen is when other applications like Rails Server (Puma process) and the IDE (Integration Development Environment) application still consuming the repository/folder while you are trying to Pop the Stash or Checkout to another branch.
- basically, GitKraken interfaces with the native Git application (index, Head, and the working Tree) and while Git switches the Working Tree, the other Head can not access the Head of another Git branch, hence resulting into an Access Denied Error. 

When this error happens, one way to resolve it is by stoping all application consuming the repository/folder e.g any Bash Consoles, Development Local WebServers and or Git itself.
- After the above has been done, go ahead and try to CheckOut to another branch.

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Posted On: March 01, 2020 21:14:06 PM

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