Why Progressive Web Apps PWA Are The Future of Web

How to Make Your Website into a Progress Web App 

    Progressive web apps are the future of apps, what is wrong with the native web apps, you ask; well, data has shown that the average person does not install apps more often yet alone open them. Users are more concerned with privacy and the idea of installing the native code on your device that could potentially consume more memory (Memory leaks ) and make your device slow doesn't seem more practical for an average user.

    Why Progressive Web App when it is still installable? you may ask. Progressive Web App can be installed on your device but does not consume more memory (This claim depends on the app installed ) near to Native apps. Talk about Privacy concerns, PWA (Progressive Web Apps) use a javascript file called Service Worker that lives in between the browser and the Web Server. This file implements the Event Handler that listens to HTTPS Request.

    Here is how Progressive Web App (PWA) Work, when you make a request to a Web Server (requesting for a Web Page), the request is intercepted by a Service Worker (which is just a JavaScript File, nothing fancy but only couple functions in it) and checks if the request is already in the Cache Storage, if the requested assets are already cached on your local storage then the Service Worker fetches the assets from the Browser Cache Storage, cutting the expensive HTTPS request over the pipeline. This algorithmic way of asset retrieval provides security because all PWA won't operate on non-encrypted HTTP Requests (only HTTPS), also let's say you have installed two PWA's on your device, each and every PWA Service Worker can't access data cached by another Service Worker.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) have the feel and look of a native application, it is amazing that this technology encompasses both web and native apps, develop once and deploy to many.

Another reason why Progressive Web Apps are the future is that companies or developers would want to develop using only one code base and able to make a website into an app.



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