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Visual Studio 2019 Development

Visual Studio Development Tips to Speed Up Development

  1. Search for text in the whole
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    - Press Ctrl + Shift + F to bring up the popup window that allows you to search for a line of code.
       then pin the Window to the location you can find

  2. Enable CodeLens Feature in Visual Studio 2019:
    CodeLens allows you to turn on or off settings about Application Insights. The Visual Studio will show you how many references to the function are. This helps in making a discussion about whether you even need the function or not.
    - To enable Settings from CodeLens go to Tools = Options = Text Editor

    Visual Studio Code Lens
  3. When starting to use Visual Studio, sometimes you don't want the browser to stop debugging or detach from the process.
    - Every time you stop debugging and then refresh the browser the application stops showing because the IIS process is terminated

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