[SEO] Why Using Links Instead of Click Functions for Navigation is very Important

[SEO ] Why Using Links Instead of Click Functions is very important for SEO Indexing

     According to Google SEO and many other SEO websites, Search Engines use mainly links on the Home Page or Site Map to craw to other pages. It is important to include links on your site or application for SEO optimization.

  1. Search Engines are pedagogically morphing into Machine-Learning paradigms and are doing a good job of evaluating what information is best for users.
  2. Put users first, everything you do think [Users], ask why, when, who and how the content will impact the user. 
  3. Make sure your content has clarity, pick a niche and be a big fish in a small pond and maintain regularity. If you a developer then push updates every week or whenever Web Crawlers craw your site. Users and Search Engines like fresh content not very much changes in terms of features.
  4. The use of links instead of Click functions on your page is very important for SEO, unless if you are not developing the application for SEO optimization. 
  5. Take a look at StackOverflow website, all the questions a merely links, you can even go to the root page and find most questions on one page with fully qualified links. 
  6. Remember to research about meta tags as well, (a good resource can be found at w3Schools
  7. This is how Search Engines read metadata about your site, for example, a title of your page acts as a meta tag, most Developers might not agree with but choosing the right title for the page is good for Search Engines to evaluate the content on your site.
  8. Here is how it works, when a web crawler goes to your site, it indexes the links and follows those links one by one.  
  9. Think for algorithms, put yourself in shoes of Search Engines and look at the coding style as a recipe. 
  10. Here is how successful applications make it to the top, they follow a simple model and tell a story with their application. 
  11. Developers code with the end-user in mind, they follow coding standards and adhere to polymorphism.  

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