[Web Developer] How to Change Web Content and Persist the Change

How to use Google Chrome to Develop a Website like an IDE (Text Editor)

  1. To be well prepped on Web Development, Watch videos about the DOM and Console. It is interesting to see functions embedded in the DOM. A console has functions that are really helpful when debugging, it can even do console.assert() like the function used for Unit Testing.
  2. You can use Sources Tab in Chrome Dev Tools to create Snippet and make it as a Source Editor. Create JavaScipt Snippet and add Work Folder to Work-Space. This is very powerful as it would allow you to make changes to your project in the Browser and the changes will persist. How cool is that!!

    Go to Dev Tools in Chrome => Sources => Snippets => Find >> symbol and window will show with "Top" text in it =>Right Click and Add Folder to Work-Space => Allow full access to Local Folder.

    You can add files to the project, and link CSS files to the project. 
  3. That is it: you now have Chrome as an IDE!!
  4. You can use Browser's Local Storage just as you use SQL Databases, but it can be cleared. I would encourage you to explore ways to make a user's experience better navigation web applications.


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