SQL Query Like does not work with Spaces in a String

Question: How do you get the TSQL Like keyword to work with spaces in the String Value?

Answer: You will have to replace the Space or Spaces in your String or Value passed to the SQL Server. See the example of C# (C-Sharp) code below:

 public async Task<List<YourClassModel>> SearchByMyValue(string myAwesomeValue)
            string cleanedAwesomeValue = myAwesomeValue.Replace(" ","%");
//Then you can pass the cleanedAwesomeValue to the Database

//Sql Store Procedure
You can now use "LIKE" to search for cleanedAwesomeValue passed in as Store Proc Arguments

- In some other cases, you can just trim the values you are sending to the database by using a Trim() function built-in C-Sharp.
For example, myValueString.Trim() this will almost if at all give you the same results.

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