ASP.NET Tracing

How to Enable Tracing when Developing in ASP.Net using Visual Studio

I did not know that tracing could be enable which is a very good feature when developing in ASP.NET. Tracing gives a developer a granular report on when the page was called and present all necessary data about the ASP.NET Server Variables a Developer would need to perform speed benchmarks on pages.


To enable Tracing in ASP.Net web page simply enable Tracing = "true" on the page. When it comes to debugging, sometimes it can be cumbersome to enable Tracing on every page you want to debug, therefore, ASP.Net enable Developers to enable Tracing in a Web.Config file for debugging the whole application.

Do this, open the Web.Config file. Although it's very helpful to see the information about the page you can also add your own trace variable by using a Trace class in ASP.Net.

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