Google Search Console Not Showing Queries For Website

Google Search Console Not Showing Queries For Website

The reason why Google Search Console won't register Search Queries in Google Search Console after transferring a domain to HTTPS is that of the 301 redirect error. Here is what happens, when a Google Web Crawler craws your site, it starts with a URL (domain name), if it experiences any problem it will loop whatever time it is defined in the Google's Pandas Algorithm. If you don't see "Queries" or keywords users are using to find your website is because of the change on the domain level. Chances are that you routed traffic to 443 port (https) instead of port 80 (HTTP) and Google Search Console needs (mostly) port 80. Remember, if you configured your site to use HTTP (port 80) and then configured Google Search Console to crawl your site on port 80, it takes time to propagate when you route traffics (change to https) to port 443. Sometimes it does not even work if you don't route traffic on the Server side, Web Crawlers are bouncing to craw your site because they are not hitting the right 301 redirect path. I would advise researching more on this topic regarding your specific problem.


One way to resolve this issue is to make a URL Redirect on the Server Side and not on a Domain level. In IIS, research about "How to redirect traffic for 301 errors on the Server and in Apache Web Server research the same.

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