Solve Ionic Transpile Problem Ionic Serve: Error: Cannot find module '@angular/tsc-wrapper/src/tsc'

How I solved ionic serve that did not work. When run command "ionic serve" and execution stuck on Transpile Started:

  1. First, I downgraded npm to 5.2.0 Just run this command (npm install -g [email protected])
  2. Then, after downgrading npm, follow whatever error it's giving you. For me, the error was(Error: Cannot find module '@angular/tsc-wrapper/src/tsc'). It was clear that I needed to install a wrapper before proceeding with "ionic serve".
  3. Then, run the command (sudo npm install --save-dev @angular/tsc-wrapper) that installed the wrapper.
  4. After that, I then run the command (sudo npm install) to install all other requirements before running "ionic serve"
  5. Eventually, I run "ionic serve --browser 'chrome'" and my app compiled and back to development again after days of struggling.

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