[Access,Excel Linked Table Problem] Solved!!

How to Solve #NUM! value problem in Excel linked table to Access Database

When linking an Excel Worksheet or Workbook to Access database for data processing, sometimes the values don't show as expected. This comes about when you create Excel Workbook with a different version of Microsoft Office Excel and then open the same Excel Workbook using a different version. Another instance when this happens is when you are trying to link the Excel workbook or worksheet that has values (normally numbers ) that are derived from formulas into Access Database.

The values in the linked Excel Workbook table might show the value of #NUM!, this means that the Access database failed to recognize the format of the cell or field (since we are talking about Access Database).


  1. One way to solve this problem is by making sure that you don't open the Excel Workbook with a different version of Microsoft Excel if you know that the data will be used in Access Database for data processing.
  2. Another way to solve this problem is by exporting the Excel Workbook to a CSV file format and importing or linking that CSV file into Access Database, this gives you an opportunity to format the data while importing or linking the CSV file. This solution helps with encountered with this problem.



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