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Connect to FTP Server From Remote Computer

Connect To Local FTP Server From Another Local Computer On Same Network.

When configuring an FTP Server for the first time, it is rather daunting to establish a connection across computers. When trying to connect to a local File Transfer Protocol Server installed in IIS on one local machine from another local machine, the connection might be unsuccessful. In this case, then you might try the following to solve the problem.

Things To Try:

  1. After installing the FTP Server from Windows Add New Features settings, make sure that you define a path to a folder where the files will be installed.
  2. Make changes to Windows Firewall so that it can allow inbound traffic on port 21. Port 21 is pretty standard for File Transfer, so this port comes configured in Windows System already. The problem with Port 21 that comes configured is that it only allows a local service to pass traffic through Firewall on port 21 to an IIS application you made in step 1. If you are trying to access the FTP site from the Web Browser on another local machine, you might experience problems because the browser on another local machine might be using a different account for a local service. 
  3. What I think might work is to create another Firewall Rule that a radio button checked in the Programs and Services that shows "All programs that meet the specific condition".
  4. If step 3 does not work, then open up the FTP Port in your Router and Port Forward it to the computer you installed an FTP Server, then try again. 


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