Best Vacation Hotspot in Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota [Enjoy]

Best Vacation Hotspot in Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota

If you are trying to find a Vacation Hotspot for this summer look no further, Nebraska, and South Dakota tops up our list. This summer we visited Omaha Nebraska and off course passed through the state of Iowa and its Capital City called Des Moines. In this article, I will outline what we think about picking Nebraska's Omaha City as a Vacation destination.

1. Distance from Home Town

    Considering the distance from our Home Town of Cleveland Ohio, the drive wasn't too long, we spent 12 hours of driving through the states of Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa to reach our Vacation Destination of Omaha Nebraska. Along the way, we made sure to avoid Toll Roads as they are a pain to deal with after the Vacation. If you want to know how to avoid Toll Roads see another article we wrote here.

Tip: When driving a long distance to your Vacation destination make sure you treat half a tank of gas as an empty tank of gas. This will help you fill up your gas tank with gas to be safe as you don't know when you will find another Gass Station.

Make sure that you have enough snacks and water to dring along the way as you don't know when you will another convenience store.

2. Attraction along the way

Traveling through Illinois and Iowa there wasn't too much to see as we concentrated on reaching the destination. However, if you need to visit some Tourist Attractions along the way and you happen to be using Google Maps for Directions, then right on the Google Maps there is a Search button. The Search button can be used to search for Restaurants, Tourist Attractions, and other stopping points along the way. What is best about using Google Maps for searching along the way is that Google Maps creates stopping points and name them alphabetically, this way it is convenient for you to find destinations on the Map or council stopping points.

Tip: Do not use Google Maps while driving, always make sure that your safety and the safety of others on the road are priorities. Make sure you find a safe place to stop and search your destination on Google Maps.

3. Food

   We spent 3 days on our vacation in Omaha Nebraska and observed and concluded that Food (especially Steak) was very testy. However, on the other side, it wasn't easy to visit the best restaurants in the City and have you seated as soon as possible. It was always hard to find good restaurants that weren't busy. 

Tip: If you visit Omaha Nebraska and would like to eat some Omaha Steak below are the best restaurants that someone recommended we visit. Their water is the best, drinking water in Omaha, Nebraska tested fresh and chemical-free.

     1. Gerald's Steak House
     2. Brother Sebastian's Steak House
     3. Anthony's Steak House

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