You don't want to miss out on this [New Book is now available]

Here is what is happening at this week.

1. A brand new book is now published and ready for ordering. The book is called "Docker Container & Asp.Net Core 7 Most Annoying Errors".

You don't want to shop with us? no worries, the book is also available on Amazon. 

2. We added a couple of categories to our Article Catalog. See below:
    Computer Programming Section
3. We added content to the "How to Draw Realistic Images (E-Book), we have seen that our readers love the book so we wanted to make the book better and better.

How to Draw Realist Images Free Copy

How to Draw Realistic Dogs

4. We enhanced a feature that allows users to write blog Articles and then convert them into an e-book that they can sell. How to use it, is very simple. Log in and try it out.

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