How to Choose the Best Hosting for Web Application

Most projects plan to host when it is time to deploy the application, but it is always a general rule of thumb to plan the hosting in the very early stage of information gathering. The reason is that, just as one needs to invest time in choosing the right platform or framework to use for an application, there are factors to consider when choosing a hosting company.


 They are many hosting companies that charge a minimum of $2 USD a month or even per user base. If the decision is made to host the application from home and would want to just test and see how it performs, Port-Forwarding would be a viable choice, just a simple Google Search about "Port-Forwarding" will show many good articles and tutorials to choose from. When the decision is made to host from home, just keep in mind that security might be compromised as there are other things to consider when hosting your application on home Servers.

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