How to choose a Framework when making Web app

A platform or as many calls it  “Framework” is where a website or Web Application is made, for example in this book we will be using a Microsoft ASP.NET or  .Net platform (pronounced as Dot Net).

The reason why we are going with the .Net (Dot Net) platform is that most of the users tend to use Microsoft products like Windows Computers and applications. ASP.Net is used to make Web Applications and therefore it has a huge documentation repository where you can research new features added and find a code base to incorporate into your application.

If you are like me you are probably wondering what a Framework is. Look at it this way, when the house is built, the foundation is laid down first. This means that the foundation interfaces with the ground, in this case, the foundation is the Framework. However, the .Net Framework interprets the code a Software Developer writes in a machine language that is just binary language (Zero’s and Ones).

The Binary language is hard for humans to understand therefore, the Programming Framework lifts all the heavy compilation for you. In lieu of choosing the right Programming Framework, it is important to understand what heavy lifting the Framework will be doing for you. For example, Garbage Collection and Memory management, most of the heavy stuff the Framework will be doing is out of the scope of this book.


Knowing what Software architecture to use in the planning phase is very important, this will give a clear picture of what System components will be needed to accomplish the build. Of course, picking the right platform will give an opportunity to explore its strength and weakness and help optimize for a website's performance as well as scalability.

It would most likely be that the first website or Web Application made won’t be as perfect as the second one, moreover many Web Developers don’t even plan on System Architecture instead development just takes place and planning comes when development is in progress. However, choosing the right platform and having solutions to the problem firsthand will save a lot of time down the road.

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