Back-End Development

The Back-End is what is considered a back-born of an Application, it mainly consists of a Database and your favorite Database Management System (The program you will use to see your databases and manage tables in the database).

In order to see the Database and create tables, you will need Management Studio or another program that will let you manage the database. In this book, we will be using SQL Server Management Studio, a database management studio made by Microsoft. It is important to know the Programming Language used to interact with the Database, in this case, we will be using a Database Programming Language called T-SQL.

Below is an illustration of what we will be creating in this book, make sure you understand the diagram and the simple architecture we will be implementing.


Once the diagram is implemented, the following is the step-by-step outline for creating the back end of a social media application using ASP.NET Core:

In general, a database can be created on a Database Engine, this engine is kind of invisible to normal users (at least it stays in the background of the Operating System). The outline above shows you step by step how to create a Back-End API that interacts with the Data Layer such as Relational Database.

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