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can't ping a computer on network

Question: I can't ping a computer on a different #Router from another #Network Interface. Why is the computer not responding to pings? the #Computer is plugged into a WiFi Router and trying to reach it from another Network Interface?

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First of all, there could be a lot of scenarios around this issue. Few things to assess before concluding:

1. If the computer you are trying to ping is plugged into the WiFi Router and the Router has a #DHCP Service enabled, this means that the Router has issued a different IP address in a different Subnet.

Let's say, the #Gateway has, then you plug in the #WiFi Router into the main Switch/Gateway, the Router then obtains an IP of, if the Router has the #DHCP enabled, its own #LAN changes to the desired IP range.

Let's say the Router now would establish its own LAN starting from, then the Computer plugged into the WiFi Router would have the IP similar to, this means that the Network with IP of does not know where is located, hence the error.

2. The second Scenario would be that the Computer you are trying to ping is not connected to the internet, you have to verify if it is connected or if the cable is good.

The best solution if the scenario described in number 1 is the case, then you need to Bridge two Networks together. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: If you are trying to connect a Computer by using WiFi but need that Computer to be visible to the rest of the Network so that it can respond to pings then you need an Access Point.

- Find an old WiFi Router and access its Web User Interface to press it under AP Mode. The Access Point Mode allows other Computers to connect to the WiFi Router and still be part of one big Network. This way, the computers can communicate with each other.

Keep in mind that when you make a WiFi Router an Access Point, the Ethernet Cable needs to be plugged into a LAN port (Not a WAN Port) otherwise it won't work.
If you need a script to run a ping to an IP address then you can use the script using Powershell below, just make sure to change the IP Address to the desired one.

Start-Transcript -path C:/ -Append

Ping.exe -t | ForEach {"{0} - {1}" -f (Get-Date),$_}

Good Luck!

Josh said:

Thank you for letting us know.

Posted On: September 24, 2022 21:11:59 PM
Fillip said:

Awesome, this is great to know.

Posted On: September 24, 2022 17:47:48 PM
Mark said:

I agree

Posted On: September 24, 2022 15:19:25 PM

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