Uncaught ReferenceError: submit is not defined

Questions: Why do I keep on seeing the error in JavaScript that "Uncaught ReferenceError: #submit is not defined"?

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Answer: Here are #mistakes you might be making when working with #JavaScrip and help you resolve the "Submit is not a function" error in JavaScript.

1. You included the #script tag way earlier than the #HTML5 tag that utilizes the function is rendered in the #Document #Object #Model AKA the "DOM".

2. You forgot to close the script tag, for #example, see the code below:

   //How to sumit a form using JavaScript
   function submit(){

   //Notice here? the <script> was not closed
  //Mistake number 2

3. You forgot to close the submit function tag, see the code below:

<script async>

 function submit(){
  //My one and the only lovely code here
//See the mistake? :) the submit function was not closed.
 //In this case the JavaScript Engine does not register the submit() as a function.

4. The #Browser has #cached a different version of your code

- Web Browsers cache assets like Images, #CSS, and JavaScript files, in order to make sure that you are working with the current build of your file or code, disable caching from the #Dev Tools. For Example in #Chrome, navigate to the "Network" tab and check the "Disable cache" checkbox.

disable cache in Chrome

- Another way you can invalidate the Cache in your Browser is to Press the keys "CTRL + R" all at one time. This will fetch the fresh content and assets from the Server.


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