ERRO[0031] Can't add file ProjectFile to tar: archive/tar: missed writing 84 bytes

Question: Why is docker-compose build causing an error "ERRO[0031] Can't add file /ProjectName/zh-Hant to tar: archive/tar: missed writing 84 bytes"?

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Answer: This error that says "ERRO[0031] Can't add file /ProjectName/zh-Hant to tar: archive/tar: missed writing 84 bytes" means that not all the bytes for that specific file was transfered to the destination. Sometimes it could be that Docker Compose was not able to send all the files bytes to the Docker deamon (that is if you are on Linux Operating System). 

In order to solve for this error try the following:

1. Stop the application running under Docker Deamon then rebuild the image
2. Access the Server using another terminal or user, this might help you resolve the issue around permissions. If the user used to transfer the files did not have enough access permission not all files would be transafered.

3. Make sure you  are using a reliable file Transfer such as FileZilla or just plain all SCOPY that allows you to copy all the files via SSH. Regardless, make sure all the files are transfered and that there are no errors while transfereing files.


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