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[C-Sharp] Base64 Image Decoding

Base64 Encoding is very important when decoding images to pass into ASP.Net ImageControl

When developing in C# or using ASP.Net programming Framework, it is important to know how to store an image and retrieve it without using too much space or compromising space complexity.

For example, the way I find efficient to store an image in a profile provider and retrieving it for display in html5 is by encoding it into bytes. When the profile image is stored in the Profile Provider, it is stored as a string, depending on how you configured the Profile property to be in the Web.config file ASP.Net. If you configured the User Profile Picture to be stored as a string in the Profile Provider then it is important to know how to convert that string into bytes and store the bytes into a Byte[] array then convert or decode that byte array into a base64 encoding format. 

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